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Cleanroom Equipments

Circumfluent HEPA Box BT-HBC

The original design of diffuser

Diffuser design of the positive and negative alters concentric circle expansion, so that, the air flow in the form of round table supplies the air to clean room. Mereover, it can maximizedly sweep away the indoor dust with an even airflow. At same condition, it can improve the cleanliness of the clean room.

Obvious benefit

During the air supply of circumfluent HEPA box, it forms a  relatively internal and external round-type air flow, no dead ends, and maximum limit is possible to sweep away the clean room dust.

In comparison, the traditional HEPA box is easy to form dead ends, eddy currents, which make some of the dust hard to be sent into the air circulation of the clean room, reducing the cleanliness.


Circumfluent HEPA Box


Circumfluent HEPA Box

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