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Air shower


Air Shower are air chambers that are placed in front of the doors of clean rooms to minimize contaminants on employees before they use the clean room. Cleanroom staff enter into the Air Shower, then the nozzles will spray the filtered air through a HEPA filter at high velocity to remove dust particles. Air velocity is from 20 ± 10% (m / s) to ensure that all particles will be removed from the clothes. Contaminated air will be drawn into the slot at the bottom of the chamber, filtered and then returned to the chamber.


Operation principle and characteristics of Air Shower 
- Air Shower uses airflow that is blown and passes from the coarse filter and static pressure box, and then through the HEPA filter, the airflow will flow in and out of the air vents. This process blows away dust, hair and body impurities or passing goods. All dust and contaminated air will be sucked into the lower intake of Air Shower and then filtered through 2 Prefilters and HEPA Filter. It will eventually return to the chamber via the Nozzle blower system, forming a regular cycle of regular and sterile air filtration after each working cycle and then the process is repeated.
- Smart show control system of Air Shower with clear display for easy adjustment and use, two electronic door locks, emergency stop button. All demonstrate the professionalism, convenience and safety of the equipment that we manufacture.
- The material that Bao Tien uses is cold-rolled steel that is painted with anti-rust or stainless steel, combined with stainless steel discharge vents, allowing the product to be highly rust-proof and corrosion-resistant.
- Observation doors are fitted with transparent tempered glass to help ensure safety during use. LED lighting system for high brightness and power saving.
- The interlock mechanism in Air Shower  is a common air feature to prevent both exits from being opened simultaneously, allowing outside air to enter a tightly controlled environment. tight. This requires the person standing in the Air Shower to remain inside until the decontamination cycle has been completed.

Application of Air Shower:
- Air Shower chamber is commonly used in food technology, confectionery, technology of manufacturing electronics and semiconductors - areas that require control of dust and moisture in the production room. export.
- In addition, Air Shower is used to treat contaminated air, dust into aseptic air, serving clean industries such as pharmaceuticals, fisheries, hospitals, laboratories. and industries with strict aseptic needs such as vaccine production ...
- In particular, Air Shower can equip offices, offices, and crowded workplaces to prevent the spread of disease.

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Smart control chip is applied widely Intelligent programmable control, two-door electronic interlock, infrared sensor blowing, Air shower clear indicator, emergency stop button de,pnstrate stronger professional, convenience and security. Energy saving Due LED electronic lighting that consumes less electricity and high-efficiency energy-saving fan, it means that this air shower wastes less energy Reasonable design The air blows...

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