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Clean bench



Introduction about Clean Bench

The Clean Bench is meant to be a clean bench / clean desk that provides a stream of clean air filtered through the HEPA filter from the back or top of the cabinet down to the work surface and towards the person. work. These devices also provide gas only to protect the product. They are used in certain operations, such as assembling electronic devices that require high cleanliness, no dust, or manipulating a sterile product. Clean Bench is NOT used in he job of Biotechnology such as tissue culture, cells, drug formulas, potentially infectious or other dangerous materials.

The Clean Bench is used to create sterile air in the work chamber to help culture activities create negative pressure to protect the crop and make it easy to manipulate. human infection does not cause Clean Bench infection. The operation table also filters the exhaust air to protect the environment. The structure of the Clean bench is designed with an inner surface made of stainless steel and the outer surface is designed with two easy-to-see sides.


The device is designed with sliding doors up and down and the self-balancing system makes the opening and closing completely closed to make the most effective filter change. The device is equipped with an indicator light system to help for operators to know the working status of this device. If you need to change the filter, there will be bell and light alarms.

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Separated Vertical Flow Clean Bench BT-CBSVF

No shaking The design of vertical clean bench work-table separated from dynamic part, which prevents all the problems caused by the vibration. High level of cleaniness The working area of clean bench perfectly combines with cabinet, which avoids inqualified clean class caused by air leakage. Moreover, separated vertical flow clean bench can reach...

New Design Horizontal Clean Bench BT-CBNDH

Tandem assemble New Design Horizontal Clean Bench. High cleanliness, low noise, cabinet and support stand could be disassembled and moved Spacious working area Due to good appearnce air purification for partial working area, the total size of working area could reach 1430x620x575mm Corrosion protection material The cabinet is made from cold rolled steel or stainless steel...

Square Horizontal Clean Bench BT-CBSH

Big win speed Square Horizontal Clean Bench. The pre-filter with big wind speed is easy to take down. It not only protects HEPA filter but also ensures the wind velocity. Send-off wind system makes air velocity adjustable bu touching the switch lightly, which also makes the wind speed at the ideal...

Integration Vertical Flow Clean Bench BT-CBIVF

Less shaking Integration Vertical Flow Clean Bench. The combination of vertical unidirectional airflow, the low noise centrifugal fan, the plenum chamber, HEPA filter makes the operation less vibrant. Low noise and free maintenance High-quality fan applied to make sure low noise, free maintenance and easy operation. Corrosion protection material The cabinet is made from cold rolled...

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