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Cleanroom Equipments

Square Horizontal Clean Bench BT-CBSH

Big win speed

Square Horizontal Clean Bench. The pre-filter with big wind speed is easy to take down. It not only protects HEPA filter but also ensures the wind velocity. Send-off wind system makes air velocity adjustable bu touching the switch lightly, which also makes the wind speed at the ideal status.

Spacious working area

Square Horizontal Clean Bench Using the super thin mini-pleat air filter lessens the size of the structure. Further-more, the clean bench is matched with stainless steel table-board and glass on 2 sides. It makes the working area roomy


Square Horizontal Clean Bench. Widely used in clean environment including: micro-electronics, laboratory, national defense, and precise instrument, bio-pharmaceutical, hard disk manufacture, etc.


Square Horizontal Clean Bench Parameter



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