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Factory:, Village 6, Dong Son, Thuy Nguyen, Hai Phong.
Hanoi Office: G1 Buidling, Vinhome Green Bay, Me Tri, Nam Tu Liem, Ha Noi.

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   In the field of air purifying and filtration, it is crucial to establish and choose and appropriate projject in the goal to purify air. When you desire to have a healthy and comfortable indoor air quality, only superior and overall filtration solving project with hight quality air filter could help you, And it is the same when you want to have a healthy and comfortable atmosphere inside the room.

   Bao Tien insists on improving purification equipment and air filter in order to reduce maintenance cost. Following that, customers can gain steady efficiency and save charges. At tge sane time, it helps make your project optimized.


  Founded in 2013, Bao Tien Industrial Company Limited, a Vietnamese leading researcher, designer, manufactuner, sales and maintenance service provider of Clean room equipment and systems


  In 2014, thanks to the rapid growth of manufacturer in the high technology , semi-conductor, chip and water fabrication, pharmaceutical and food production industries establishing thir production operation in Asia, the demand for Clean room equipment was greatly increased. In order to meet our customer's demand, we have been actively involved in designing, producing and distributting of air diffusion product and Clean room equipments.


   From the begining, we already put a huge amount of fund and technology to make sure that our customers could enjoy the best products .Thanks to all clients and their courtesy which help push us into the industry of fabrication. With unceasing pressure and highest demand for quality, we slowly turn our workforces into higher level. Now, we have got the support from many leading enterprises in different fields from different countries such ass South Korea, Japan, China,..

Bao Tien supplies advanced, high quality and economical productions  and services supporting for every industries all around Vietnam and the world as well. No matter which industry you belong to, you will enjoy the latest technology and the best quality products and services when working with us. It can be explained by the reason that our goal is to offter customers professional advice, saving costt but perfect service.

If you are keen on knowing more details and technology support of our products, please take time kindly contact us and visit our website:

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