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Clean Booth

Clean Booth

Highly cost-saving

Bao Tien has changed the traditional design of clean booth. Mini clean unit takes the concept of modular integration design, this architecture is similar to SMIF form. It has a wide range of independent clean area. The only difference is that the transmission is not carried out by the connecting arm, but to operate in a closed clean room. It has the independent air conditioner and air system. The beneficial side of this form is easy elastic spacing, low construction costs in comparison with the traditional construction purification form. Following that, the costs is remarkably reduced.

High cleanliness

Clean Booth offers clean vertical airflow, keeping the room cleanliness.

Easily install and disassembly

An independent high-level clean space composed by HEPA or ULPA filter and FFU. A standard 10'x10' clean booth takes only a few hours to install and disassemble.

High flexibility

The support leg can increase the number of FFU, the internal clean level of clean booth can reach 100-10000 level.

Wide application

Clean Booth is widely used in workshops which have high level of purification including the assembly line working area and the assembly area of high-precision products.

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