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Hepa filter box, also known as Hepa Box is a terminal in the clean room design, specialized products in industrial air filtration systems, which filter clean air and disperse air into the inside of the clean room. .. Depending on the design calculation flow, we have big or small Hepa Box.

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In particular, Bao Tien has a product line for operating rooms that customers appreciate. This Hepa Box specialized in people called the operating room Laminar. The advantage of this box is the stability in the operating room standard and meeting the most stringent airflow requirements.


The structure consists of two parts: the frame is made of steel with powder coating or SUS 304 and the Hepa filter is inside. Depending on the standard of cleanliness, we have the corresponding filtration level. Hepa filter box is installed with the height of clean room ceiling, creating clean air flow according to certain level requirements.
Depending on performance requirements and installation dimensions, Bao Tien designs and supplies Hepa filter products according to the needs of each customer.


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Good sealing The DOP HEPA Box adopts the gel seal HEPA filter for better sealing. High quality plate The cabinet is made from the cold rolled steel with powder coated or stainless steel. Excellent designed diffuser plate Based on the principle of aerodynamics, designers carefully design the diffuser plate to ensure that the air jet...

Circumfluent HEPA Box BT-HBC

The original design of diffuser Diffuser design of the positive and negative alters concentric circle expansion, so that, the air flow in the form of round table supplies the air to clean room. Mereover, it can maximizedly sweep away the indoor dust with an even airflow. At same condition, it can...


Air distribution is more reasonable The HEPA Box onjoys the most cutting-edge technogy from Japan, which makes the process of airflow distribution more reason-able. Moreover, The HEPA Box is also a terminal purifyling device for the class 1,000-300,000  Clean room and is the key equipment for clean environment. High quality plate The cabinet...

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