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Cleanroom Equipments


Super thin design

The super thin fan filter unit (FFU) is 100mm thinner in comparison with the ordinary version. The cabinet outsider is made from stainless steel, galvanzied steel with aluminum painting, cold rolled steel with epoxy powder etc. It is very light, corrosion-resistance, dust-resistance and nice.

Overheating protection

The overheating protection system is equipped inside the fan, the sunface is smooth and bright, lower a9r resistance and good sound insulation. Besides that, the special design air entrance lesscens the noise effectively.

The average air speed can increase by 25%

Due to the optimized design that help ensure long lifespan, low noise, small vibration and adjustable speed. Following that, the air speed can be increased by 25%.

Long lifespan

The super thin fan filter unit (FFU)can work at the speed of 0.45mm/s on average. The stable speed helps shorten the time of replacing filters. At the same time, the life of fans will be extended.


Super Thin FFU parameter


Super Thin FFU parameter

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